A. Schulman Inc.
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Jennifer K. Beeman
Vice President, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations

A. Schulman, Inc.
3637 Ridgewood Road
Fairlawn, OH 44333
Tel: 330-668-7346
Investor Relations

Insider Ownership

Name Relationship / Title Current Shares Trading Activity
allspach eugene robert Director 24,802 View
barmore gregory t Director 47,445 View
birney david g Director 36,988 View
bristow derek r Officer 26,643 View
eicher carol s Director 0 View
gingo joseph m Director 333,962 View
gunther andreas k Officer 3,350 View
horton andrean Officer 3,100 View
lingnau-schneider heinrich Officer 24,923 View
mcdannold timothy j Officer 8,673 View
meyer lee d Director 27,988 View
miller gary a Officer 48,706 View
mitarotonda james a Director 355,435 View
novak ernest j jr Director 35,188 View
oswald kathleen m. Director 2,331 View
perez gustavo s. Officer 32,724 View
phillips gary d. Officer 1,380 View
richardson john w Officer 55,830 View
roederer frank Officer 2,340 View
schewe rainer Officer 7,170 View
spizzo allen a Director 0 View
walter stacy r Officer 8,269 View
westbrooks kristopher r Officer 3,614 View

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